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August 2018

As we have just hit August the brewery is very close to completion. We have had Bud and his teams working very hard on getting the building up to scratch. The equipment is very close to completion and should be installed in a week or so depending on the building works.

We had a phone line installed today so that I can move my office to the brewery and we have measured out where we are needing holes through the ceiling for the flue and hopper.

I have been talking to a grain supplier about getting grain once we are ready to brew. All the grain will be used to its fullest and we won't throw any away as the spent grain makes good animal feed!

We have sold over 40 shares with a few more still available. Interest is still coming in as people want to support local business and own their own share in a brewery. I will be updating the prospectus this week and it will contain revised financial projection figures.

The process up to this point has been longer than both myself and Michael had thought but now that the brewery is so close to completion it will have been worth the wait. This month will mark a change for us, from starting a brewery to running a brewery.

Michael intends to do up to 20 hours a week in the brewery doing some brewing, delivery and sales. I will be doing the majority of the brewing, admin work and also sales. We expect the beer to be in high demand as there isn't an abundance of real ale suppliers in the area and there has been a lot of interest from local people.

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