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Running a brewery during a lockdown

As most of our trade usually comes from pubs you can imagine it has been a slightly challenging year for our small brewery. During the beginning of lockdown we obtained multiple temporary licenses which allowed us to sell our beer in bottles to the general public. Thanks so much to everyone who bought a case, you've helped our small business massively! Thankfully the pubs in our local area are still able to operate and serve alcohol in some capacity which will hopefully continue.

We currently bottle, label and package all our beer ourselves using a bottling machine from Staffordshire Brewery. We can fill four bottles at once so you can imagine it can be quite time consuming! We will be increasing our bottle production for the foreseeable future however are still producing cask as well.

For the time being you can buy our beers from us directly by either email ( or phone (07493 716521). You can also buy it in person from the brewery in Lockerbie however we do not have any set opening hours as production has decreased slightly recently! We will hopefully also be getting a license soon to sell from our sister company Chefs in Scotland's office at 15 Well Street Moffat which is staffed Monday-Friday, 9-5.

Our new stout Beerdie has just gone into bottles for the first time this week and so will be available as soon as we get our labels delivered. For the time being we still have mixed and individual cases of Twa Dugs, Rabbie's Drouth and Dryfe Blonde (12 x 500mL) bottles. We also have started producing gift packs of our three best selling beers with a half pint glass included. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion!


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