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A great start to 2019

As we have hit 2019 we have now reached 6 weeks of selling our first Lockerbie cask ales; Dryfe Blonde and Dryfe Ale.

With the first two batches the stress was relieved when tasting revealed clear and tasty beer, this went down very well.

Now that we have standardised our recipes each batch will taste the same and the focus now is to produce and sell.

We have now sold our beer in pubs and hotels in Lockerbie, Moffat, Annan, Dumfries, Carlisle, Melrose, Castle Douglas and a few more. We also have a run in the Scottish borders lined up next week including Peebles, Kelso, Hawick and Galashiels. It is great to get the support of the local publicans and hoteliers and we have started to get repeat orders in.

The Globe in Dumfries has been a big supporter and I have had many of my friends pop in for a pint. In the picture Dryfe Blonde is on next to the other local beer from Sulwath in Castle Douglas.

I have been organising a bottle run to bottle up to 3000 Dryfe Blonde and Dryfe Ale bottles for sale to individuals and to smaller establishments. This is booked in for the first two weeks in February and when we get our premises license we will be able to sell to the public.

This week our new delivery driver and general helper Martin started with us. He will be doing most of the deliveries and collection of casks and has fit in very well.

Michael and I are pleased with progress so far and our motivation is high to push on with sales and producing more of our great tasting beer.

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