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The Transformation

As October comes to a close a series of teething issues have prevented us from completing a first brew. Now only a few small steps away from having fully working kit that first sweet nectar is just a few short weeks away from hitting the pubs and hotels of Annandale.

I thought I would share the transformation that our brewery building has gone through over the last year.

It was August 2017 when Michael first showed me the Wilson and Gilston painters workshop Chefs In Scotland had just bought. The door looked like a granny could kick it in, the walls were covered in paint samples and the floor was a cold uneven concrete mess! On top of that the toilet looked like a scene right out of trainspotting!

Surveyors and structural engineers helped us do the plans for the change of use and by January we had the permission. Then came the negotiation and wait for building control to approve the plans. By June they were approved and Bud (our builder) could get his team into action.

The whole building was stripped and we have had everything renewed. Over the next 4 months Buds team, Dave Beattie Joiners, Barry Wilson electrics, Andy Thom plumbing and Stephen Armstrong the blacksmith have helped us transform the place.

These Picture above show the brewery building in 2017.

As the start of October came round the building started to take shape and the equipment was delivered. A 5 BBL (800L) brewing system with stainless steel tanks and conical fermenting vats will allow us to produce 1600 Litres a week once we are fully up and running.

Grain and casks were ordered and are ready to be used along with a whole host of other equipment.

The building now has a new lease of life. Filling an empty space in Lockerbie and creating something that will produce a local product.

It has been a journey to this point, however, the real work starts now as we get ready to produce the first beer in Lockerbie.

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