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New IPA - Eden Cross

We have a couple of exciting new projects going on in the brewery. The first is our new 6.5% IPA called Eden Cross that was casked this week. It has New Zealand hops (Nelson Sauvin and Southern Cross) and a malty backbone. It is a darker IPA, inspired by the original IPA's that sailed across the world in wooden casks. This beer is a mix of British and Kiwi ingredients, old world and new.

The name is inspired by Dunedin, a city in southern New Zealand who's where one of the founding members was Thomas Burns, the nephew of our own Rabbie Burns! Dunedin is named after Dùn Èideann, the Gaelic name for Edinburgh.

Another exciting development is that 200L of Eden Cross was put in a wooden Bourbon barrel provided by the local Annandale distillery. This will be left in the barrel to age and the oaky vanilla flavours from the wood to diffuse into the beer. This will be released as a special edition of Eden Cross in collaboration with the distillery.

Filling the cask with help from Annandale Distillery!

The future plan for the cask is to store some special Annandale distillery whisky. The hop flavours from the beer will leave residual flavours in the cask, which will be imbued in the whisky. This will be a few years away yet but keep your eyes peeled!


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