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A busy few months at Lowland Brewing

It is hard to believe that it is June already! We have now been selling our beer for 6 months and it has been a lot of fun and hard work so far.

As the season kicked in, around Easter time, our sales figures jumped and we have been getting new customers every week; some taking casks and others in bottles. Our regular establishments have been selling our beer very well and since the famous dancing "Twa Dugs" session IPA was released in April sales have been on the up. We now have 4 beers with more in development. Our latest release Wee Tam is a cloudy wheat beer at 4% and is available at the Blackbull Inn Moffat, and a few other places.

We are in the middle of applying for a premises license so that we can sell bottles from the door of the brewery and small casks on delivery for parties. We are also looking into canning some of our beer which will let us be more experimental and produce strong IPAs and deeply flavoured stouts. Our pint glasses arrived this week which have been swiftly distributed to our regular customers so that our pints can be enjoyed from the proper glass!

Shares have continued to sell and we now only have a dozen left of the 120 that went up for sale.

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