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Lowland Brewing in contact with India

The value of your network. I was chatting with a chef yesterday who Michael had placed back in 2006 through the RNI Institute in Delhi which Chefs In Scotland had a long collaborative relationship with. The chef now lives in London and is very interested in the brewery. After lengthy discussion and emailing over a copy of the prospectus he put me in touch with his friend in India who is be interested in buying some of Lowland Brewing’s shares.We chatted for half an hour about the goals of the brewery and our plans for expansion. As it turns out his family own one of the largest drinks distribution companies in India. One of the advantages we have in our start-up brewery is our network of hotel and restaurant owners and managers. Chefs In Scotland has given us a head start from which to create our customer base but also the chefs who provide constant support and interest in the project. People and contacts are the best tools you can use in business and we are very fortunate to have many pre-established relationships. From contacts in Michael’s past I was able to spend a week brewing on the Isle of Skye and we have been able to hold very successful beer tasting events. As our brewery starts out we will have to make many more contacts within the brewing community from suppliers to bottlers and customers. It is hard to place a value on your network of contacts, but I do know that without ours it would be significantly more difficult to start a brewery from scratch.

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