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New beer incoming

We've had the idea for a stout brewing for quite a while but we've finally gone and done it! Beerdie our new 5% "beatnik stout" was brewed yesterday and is currently fermenting away nicely. Inspired by current craft ale drinkers and named after the hipsters of yesteryear, this beer is a mix of traditional and modern.

The mash with an almost coffee "crema" like foam

We used some roasted barley and brown malt to produce an almost black beer with toasted coffee notes. It is similar to an Irish stout, like Guinness, with a touch more sweetness. We think you are all going love it!

Weighing out the grain

Recirculating the wort before boiling, look at that colour! (Yes, brewing is a messy business!)

Our first new recipe in a while, Beerdie the beatnik stout is launching on tap at the Black Bull Inn in Moffat next weekend. We hope to see you all there, where we can reveal the pump clip design for this beer which we are very excited about...

We are very happy to see the pubs opening back up again and we wish every one of them well. This beer should be in other local pubs soon!

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