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New Products on the way

As we roll into March it has been a busy time at the brewery. We spent much of February catching up the stock so that we don't run short and now we are preparing to brew our newest offering, "Twa Dugs": This will be a session IPA and come in at 4%. The aim is for it to be strongly hopped and quite pale in colour. It is due for release by the end of the month.

On Monday we are expecting delivery of 4000 bottles of our two current beers Dryfe Ale and Dryfe Blonde. These will be 330 ml bottles and at first will only be available to the trade as we wait for licenses to come through from the council.

We have had some positive news from the Blackbull in Moffat as they have decided to have both our ales on their taps. This will be the first place to have both on at once so if you're in the area be sure to pop in for a pint or two!

Having Martin as our new delivery driver/ brewery assistant has been very helpful. He has two runs next week to the Borders and through Dumfries and Galloway/ Carlisle. We are hoping to drop off bottles at various establishments along the way also.

February saw a jump in the number of people wanting to buy shares as we sold another dozen. We now have only a handful left and it is nice to see people buying into the brewery and it's success.

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