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November 2017

I can't believe it's November already. Time is flying by now. As we get closer to the New Year everything is starting to fall into place. We have had the asbestos removed from the building and have had a whole host of quotes for completing the building work.

Equipment has been sourced and is to be fitted in January. The 650 Litre system should produce two brews a week. One of the Dryfe Ale and one of the Dryfe Blonde. This will be enough to fill 32 firkin casks or 64 'pin' casks a week. Alternatively if we bottle the beer we will have capacity to produce almost 4000 bottles a week!

The business is now VAT registered and we will register for beer duty when we get the plant in Lockerbie set up. Beer duty is actually the biggest cost when producing beer! Thankfully as a small brewery there is duty relief.

I have been sourcing labels and bottles, trying to create the perfect look for the beer.

The logo is still in development but it should be decided on soon.

Test batches have been well under way. I have now made 5 batches in the garage at Sunnybrae, two Blonde beers, two ales and an IPA. Brewing beer is a mix between a chemistry experiment and brewing a very large complicated cup of tea! Three of the brews are still fermenting away in the spare bedroom here ready for bottling next week.

The brewing is all preparation for our event next month (December 15th) in Sunnybrae where we will reveal the investor share prospectus along with a music and tapas night. Again if anyone is interested in shares or wanting to be the first to get their hands on some of our beer, email me

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